👋🏻Hello, I’m Aravind Poornachandra

A Product Designer with a diverse experience in various industries such as Information Technology , Education , Entertainment and Finance.

“I enjoy curating empathetic, inclusive, and user driven experiences. I have diligently cultivated expertise crafting user-centered designs, adeptly delivering outstanding user experiences while effectively aligning with and fulfilling key business objectives”.


Case Studies – Personal UX Challenges


What I’m good at ?

With skills in over 4 different design fields, I am well-versed in using my crafts to explore design strategies and brainstorm methodologies that can help create better usable interfaces while ensuring a great user experience

UX Research

Plan and perform qualitative consumer study and turn results into insightful information.

User Centered Design

Design and solve problem ideas from the point of view of the users by considering their desires, motives and pain points.

Product Strategy

Define the product goal and value and ensure the fit between the business and the market.

Rapid Prototyping

Build usable digital concepts, starting from wireframe to high-fidelity designs.


What my colleagues say about me?

Aravind is an absolute joy to work with! His innate problem-solving ability is matched only by his willingness to seek guidance only after he has thoroughly explored all options. His attention to detail and customer-centric approach make him a valuable asset.

Aravind’s contributions to the Application Development team have been nothing short of remarkable, as evidenced by his current role as the primary programmer.

In addition to his impressive work ethic, Aravind possesses a rare quality of empathy. He is patient, kind, and perceptive to the needs of others. His ability to learn quickly and never ask the same question twice has earned him a high satisfaction rate among his colleagues and customers alike. Aravind’s willingness to lend a helping hand is a testament to his character and has made him an invaluable addition to our team. We feel privileged to have him on board..

Nil Brianna,
Service Desk Analyst , Northeastern University

Aravind has been a student in two of my graduate courses at Northeastern University, Boston. Students are required to produce a professional level project that incorporates their learning using current best practices. Aravind is a quick learner and is actively engaged in expanding his skills and experience in the digital space. His work is well developed, thoroughly researched, delivered in timely fashion while exceeding expectations. He has been an asset to the class, sharing ideas and open to collaboration. Aravind is creative, committed to work and learning, and would make a great addition as an employee or team member.

Vishal Chawla
Adjunct Professor , Northeastern University
Aravind has been a major contributor to ITS during his tenure as a Customer Experience Technician and as a Pro Customer Experience Technician. With 1100+ calls and interactions under his belt, Aravind has developed a technical mastery of our supported services, an inquisitive curiosity in his problem solving, and good communication skills necessary for helping our often distressed clients.
Aravind took the role of our primary programmer for our student Application Development team – creating tools, databases, and solutions to our team’s internal needs. Aravind’s technical expertise and ability to communicate the complex problems in an easily understood, user-facing way makes him a wonderful addition to our team, and I expect a strong performer at other organizations.

Robin Mayo ,
Lead of Student Services , Information Technology Services , Northeastern ITS